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The Community Edge

Author’s Corner: Creative Ideas

So, Where Do Creative Ideas Come?From? The answer might surprise you. In Paul McCartney’s biography, he shared this secret: “… John often had just the first verse, which was always enough. It was the direction … the signpost … the inspiration for the whole song. I hate the word, but it was the template.” In other words, The Beatles, the most … [Read More...]

Coexisting with Deer in the Summer

As the flowers bloom and residents work on outside landscaping, deer become attracted to home gardens. Deer think flowers like hostas, roses, and daylilies are a tasty treat on a summer’s day. It is important to take a multi-faceted approach when trying to keep deer from eating the plants in your garden. This includes planting species that are … [Read More...]

Vintage Family Square Dance at Cranberry Lake Farm

Vintage Family Square Dance in Oakland Township Saturday, June 8, from 7:00?p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Cranberry Lake Farm / Flumerfelt Barn 388 W. Predmore Rd. Oakland Township Square Dancing is free Caller Glen Morningstar and The Ruffwater Stringband Oakland Township Historical Society will have ice cream available … [Read More...]

Paint Creek Trailways Commission Receives $408,000 Grant

Community Foundation Awarded $408,000 Grant from Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation to Benefit Paint Creek Trailways Commission The Community Foundation of Greater Rochester has been awarded a $408,000 grant from the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation for the benefit of the Paint Creek Trailways Commission. This grant will be used to fund two major … [Read More...]

Dear Crabby, Will All This Construction Ever End?

Dear Crabby, I know we Michiganders have complained about construction in the past, but seriously. So far it seems like this is the worst it has been in years. Am I right? It feels like it will never end. Please tell me I’m wrong. Thanks! Patience Paver Dear Patience Paver, I hate to be the bearer of bad news… who am I kidding – I love … [Read More...]

Dear Crabby, Should the Tobacco Age be Raised to 21?

Dear Crabby, Should the Tobacco Age be Raised to 21? Sincerely, Virginia Slim   Dear Ms. Slim, Sure, why not, it won't bother me none, I'm well past 21. That's a common answer I'm sure from old people like me. But is it fair? Well, we've decided it's fair to have the drinking age?be 21. Because drinking is bad for your health and … [Read More...]

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